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Uhuruto have become perfect Moi Students

Former president moi said that kanu would rule for 100 years. what he meant is that even if not in name, kanu would rule by ideology. As...

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Lessons for Kenyan soccer from the world cup.

Between Maradona,Pele,Messi,and Ronaldo, Who is the world's greatest player of all time? Many list Maradona and Pele since they scored goals for their country, not forgetting the golden hand goal by Maradona. Messi and Ronaldo have not shone for country as they have for club. This may mean that both Ronaldo and Messi shine because of the great support they receive from their clubs and not necesarily because of their individual brilliance,however great it
may be. This also shows that more than anything, teamwork and proper management is essential to today's successful soccer team, be it country or club.

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