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Lessons Kenyan economy can borrow from Germany.

Germany just won the world cup, but apart from football, Kenya can
borrow so much more from this industrial powerhouse. The one area
where Kenya could borrow from is the growth of Small and Medium
Businesses segment. So, while Germany does not have as many superstar
companies as the US, it nevertheless avoided a recession unlike the
us. Its unemployment rate, at just 4 percent, is one of the lowest in
the world. Studies have shown that the SME sector creates the most
jobs, not just in Kenya or Germany, but the world over. Kenya should
therefore invest more in this sector. Equally, the investment in
talent and skills is key. While Germany does not have Harvard, it
nevertheless has many first class colleges and universities, which
offer top class training. In sports, this is reflected in the many
youth talent academies. If kenya could implement some of these steps,
then we could see a double digit economic growth, and creation of
decent, clean, and rewarding jobs.

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