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Making Kenyan incubation hubs more innovative.

Throughout the world, every major city, every visionary leader, every
sensible government, wants to replicate the famous Silicon Valley in
California, United States. Experts now agree that the conditions in
Silicon Valley cannot be replicated. This means that there can only be
one Silicon Valley in the world, and efforts to recreate it could be
futile. Even then, this hasn't stopped the spread of Silicon Valley
like tech incubation hubs. In Kenya, this is most manifest in
incubation hubs such as ihub, nailab, mlab, 88mph amongst other
incubation hubs. While there have been few success stories such as
ihub's ushahidi, a disaster monitoring site founded by Eric Hersman
and Ory Okolloh, or nailab's ghafla, the truth is that the success
stories are few and far between. The Kenyan tech incubation hubs must
then do more by sourcing for more budding talent and ideas, more
funding for start ups, and more importantly, more mentorship to turn
the ideas into successful businesses. Otherwise, it will all be empty

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