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Paul Kagame insights on leadership and governance.

Paul Kagame divides opinion. To his supporters, he is the hero who
liberated Rwanda from the ruins of the Rwandan genocide, and in the
process, manage to build a country that is quite prosperous, and one
of the easiest places to do business at least according to the World
Bank. For his critics however, Paul Kagame has managed to crush
dissent in Rwanda, and he has also been accused, together with
Uganda's Yoweri Museveni, of being behind the instabilities in Rwanda.
According to a Governor's forum last year, Mr. Kagame intimated that
there must be a balance between stability and democracy, in an obvious
jab to Western countries. What both critics and admirers agree is that
Mr.Kagame has managed to infuse discipline into the Rwandan economy,
and investors keep flocking to Rwanda because of the many measures
that Kagame has introduced. However, the real question is what will
happen to Rwanda after Kagame exits the scene. It's a question that no
one is willing to answer.

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