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Rebuilding the lamu economy.

Lamu was the quintessential Kenyan tourism town. The economy of the
town blossomed, and even though the area still had a large number of
poor people, there was genuine hope that the tourism dollars would
percolate down to the common people. Yet, the images on TV screens are
depressing. Sure, there are delicate matters that no doubt need to be
solved. for example, land remains a thorny issue, something that was
one of the flashpoints in 2007/08. However, even though many have
criticised the government for not doing enough, last year, President
Kenyatta issued title deeds to thousands of coastal residents. Even
more so, the clear sublimal message was that instead of viewing land
as an emotional asset, the area residents must view land as a
productive resource. Insecurity in areas such as Mpeketoni must also
be nipped in the bud, so that area residents feel secure. Otherwise,
mega projects such as the Lamu Lapsset project will be severely
affected, and less jobs and wealth will be created in the end.

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