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Postponed Raila swearing in will not derail reforms.

Raila Odinga was to be sworn in tomorrow as the People's President of Kenya. To his supporters, Raila is the center of gravity of kenya...

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Reviving the kenyan tourism industry.

Even though Kenya is one of the most beautiful countries in the world,
the country still does not feature in the list of top global
destinations. This means that Kenya's beaches, parks, culture, and
most definitely Maasai Mara, are vastly underperforming. Last week,
Kenyan tourism authorities were in the United States urging Americans
to visit the country. So, in a way the marketing of kenya's tourism
sector has been below par. The other issue has to do with the
promotion of domestic tourism. It is absurd that Kenyans don't travel
much in their home country. What's even worse, Kenyans are almost
treated like second class citizens in their own country. In addition
to growing the domestic tourism numbers, the kenyan tourism
authorities must look to the non traditional markets such as China to
guarantee the continued growth of the tourism sector.

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