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Saba Saba Rally- Five Myths to Debunk.

The Monday Saba Saba rally has no doubt heightened the political
tension in the country. However, there are four myths that must be
debunked as the cause of problems in kenya. The first myth is that all
the fruits of independence have gone only to one tribe- the kikuyu.
The truth is that this is a ploy that has been used by many opposition
leaders to hoodwink the public on their own failings as leaders. There
are poor Kenyans everywhere and poverty does not discriminate any
tribe. Secondly, that the IEBC must be disbanded. This too means that
one is only happy with the IEBC if they are the ones who have won
elections. How sad? Third, that land has been unfairly allocated.
True, land is a sensitive subject in Rift Valley and Coast but the way
to solve it is not through ultimatums. Fourth, that President Uhuru
Kenyatta will be a one term President. This too is false, and in 2017,
there will be major recalibrations that will see President Uhuru
Kenyatta easily win a second term.

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