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Saba Saba Rally- Kenya's economy to be set back.

The World Bank recently revised Kenya's economic growth prospects from
5 percent to 4.5 percent. The multi lateral agency reiterated that
concerns about the insecurity was the cause of the downgrade.
President Kenyatta's administration has put the blame of insecurity
squarely on the doorstep of the opposition, and so, the recent rallies
by cord are the cause of the reduced economic outlook for the country.
One of the top campaign promises for the Jubilee administration was a
double digit economic growth rate. Only such a growth will ensure that
millions of Kenyans are lifted out of poverty. However, President
Kenyatta has made certain necessary steps to ensure that Kenya's ease
of doing business improves. For one, It will take just 24 hours to
open a business, and the access to uwezo fund has been fastened. This
should see more businesses started, and cleaner and rewarding jobs
created. This, plus a stable political environment, should see the
Kenyan economy pace ahead regionally and globally.

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