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Saba Saba Rally- Why Cord has failed to be an effective opposition.

The main opposition party Cord is scheduled to hold its much
anticipated saba saba rally on monday. However, even as cord heeps
pressure on the government to implement its agenda for Kenyans, the
fact is that the party has performed dismally as an opposition party.
For one, the party doesn't even have a shadow cabinet. The party for
instance hasn't even presented its own version of the budget. Of
course the party would want to blame the tyranny of numbers for its
luckluster performance in parliament, but this is a lame excuse.
Secondly, the party has failed to connect with the heart and soul of
its supporters. It shouldn't blame Jubilee or indeed the Kenyatta
administration for its woes. As a start, it should put its house in
order and holding a rally at uhuru park is the place that the
housekeeping should start.

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