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Saba Saba Rally-Why President Kenyatta must not acede to Cord's demands.

Cord has made it clear that unless the government acedes to its
demands for a national dialogue, the government will have a rough time
governing. This, Cord claims, will reach a crescendo on July 7 during
the saba saba rally. The major issue with this is that cord is in
effect usurping the powers of the executive and forcing a power grab.
The only means to gain legitimate power is through the ballot box, and
this happened last year, and the outcome was clear. If Cord is not
convinced of the transparency of the electoral body, the courts are
always open, and with the ongoing judicial reforms, these institutions
must be strenghened and not castigated. Secondly, if President Uhuru
Kenyatta acedes to the opposition demands, what else will they want?
It is said that give a man an inch and next, they want a foot. Sure,
there are problems of youth unemployment, slow economic growth, and
insecurity. However, such problems are not handled through mass
rallies like saba saba. That must be the lesson for cord.

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