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Safaricom's battle for dominance.

That Safaricom is the region's most profitable company is not in
doubt. The company continues to surprise analysts with its stellar
growth. In the last financial year, the firm posted profits in excess
of kshs. 20 billion, and also in effect becoming the highest taxpayer
in the country. However, Safaricom's position is set to be challenged
as Equity Bank is set to unveil a new money transfer platform platform
to rival Safaricom's Mpesa. Mpesa acts as both a revenue generating
mechanism as well as a loyalty tool to keep many subscribers locked
in. Currently, efforts by rivals such as airtel, and Orange to have
Safaricom share the Mpesa agents have born no fruit. Also, Safaricom
has excellent marketing strategies, but so too has Equity Bank. While
Safaricom prides itself with such terms as okoa jahazi, sambaza, or
bamba 20, Equity is more famous for the karibu member slogan.
Safaricom then will have to deploy more brains, talents, and resources
to protect its market turf, and even grow its market share.

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