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South Sudan- Three years later.

South Sudan celebrated its third independence anniversary on
Wednesday. Even then, celebrations in the world's newest country were
low key, showing just how much of an anti climax the celebrations have
been. Since December last year, the country has experienced a civil
war that only subsided recently. The civil war pitted President Salva
Kiir and former Vice President Riek Machar. The conflict soon took on
an ethnic dimension, pitting the country's two main ethnic groups, the
Dinka and the Nuers. Incidentally, in an interview with the BBC,
Rebecca Garang, the widow to the founding father John Garang, has said
that she did not celebrate because there was nothing to celebrate.
While many South Sudanese leaders may not share her views, it is
likely that those who have been displaced, or lost their relatives,
share her sentiments.

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