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Surprise, the best city to work in the world is in Africa.

According to a new survey, the best city for expatriates is not
London, New York, Singapore, or Hong Kong. The best city for
expatriates is in Africa. It is Luanda, the capital of Angola. As
Angola discovered oil and became one of the top oil producers in the
world, expatriates flowed to Luanda. In retrospect, several support
service companies flocked in, and the result is that life for
expatriates became smoother. Recently, Angola discovered even more oil
in the Kwanza basin all the way to the Brazilian coast, and this
should again cement the country's position as one of the top oil
producers in the world. However, even though expatriates have first
rate life consisting of international schools, luxury holidays, and
hotels, and exclusive real estate addresses, the life for locals is
still lagging behind. The challenge then for Angolan authorities is
to ensure that the fruits of the oil boom percolate down to the normal
population just as it does for the foreign expatriates.

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