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The rise of Alfred Mutua to the helm of Ukambani politics.

Alfred Mutua has brought a new mix to ukambani politics. That of
development politics. For a long time the supremacy of ukambani
politics was between Kalonzo Musyoka and Charity Ngilu. Whenever one
traveled in one political direction, the other traveled in the
opposite direction. But Alfred Mutua has managed to neuter that. Ever
since he was elected as the Machakos governor, he has opened one
development project after another. He has opened the Machakos park,
the Machakos forensic lab, and a 30 km road that was opened just
recently. Perhaps, his relentless record has not exactly endeared him
to many ukambani politicians who fear that he may be stealing the
limelight. Machakos senator Johnstone Muthama has been his most vocal
critic. Crucially, Mr.Mutua chose to skip the weekend cord rallies in
Machakos. Even then Mr.Mutua's style of politics will be closely
watched as he develops Machakos, attracts more enemies, and changes
the very landscape of Ukambani politics going into 2017 elections.

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