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What Germany's World Cup humiliation of Brazil means.

Germany handed Brazil their joint worst world cup defeat. A 7-1
humiliation at home. Even if star striker Neymar had been injured and
was not playing, still many fans couldn't take in the result and were
sobbing. There are many vital lessons from Brazil's humiliation.
First, playing as a team matters. Brazil built their team around star
striker Neymar, and when he was injured and no longer in the field,
their inspiration and in deed the whole team, collapsed. Germany
meanwhile have built their team as a machine, where each part
seamlessly fits into the other. No wonder the team is known as the
German machine. It is true that Germany have brilliant strikers such
as Klose, who has now surpassed Ronaldo as the all time highest goal
scorer at the world cup. On the whole, teamwork is encouraged. Yes,
Germany are yet to win the world cup so premature celebrations are
uncalled for. However, just in the way they have played, they may have
ushered in a new era of soccer.

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