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What Kenya can learn from Germany's 2014 World Cup win.

Finally, the curtains have come down on the 2014 World Cup. After 120
gruelling minutes Germany finally beat Argentina 1-0, becoming the
first European team to win the World cup in Latin American soil. There
are many lessons that Kenya can draw from this win. It would be
important to note that the the current German world cup team was
assemled in 2006 or even earlier, under then coach Jurgen Klinsman.
The first problem is the poor soccer management in the country. For
many Kenyan soccer administrators, a stint in soccer management is
nothing more than a preparation for a future political career. What
happened to the youth soccer development channels? Too much talent is
being wasted after high school, and it seems that club football has
failed to absorb this budding talent. Even more important, the
players dues must be paid on time. Only then can Kenya hope to qualify
for the 2018 World Cup, and even do well in the tournament.

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