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What's the end game for cord?

In a rally held on Monday at Uhuru park, Cord leaders announced that
they are ready to take the country to a referendum. The referendum
will ostensibly be because the government has failed to deliver on its
promises. And yet, while a referendum is okay in certain situations,
it is not so in Kenya's situation. Some of the African countries that
recently held a referendum include South Sudan. Elsewhere, Scotland
wants to secede from the UK, and manage its own affairs. Studies show
that during times of elections and referendum, the economy stagnates,
not to mention the heightened ethnic tension that politicians will
likely exploit. This is even as the World Bank has downgraded Kenya's
growth prospects from 5 percent to 4.5 percent. Just recently, Kenya's
sovereign bond was oversubscribed by 400 percent to the tune of
kshs.700 billion shillings. This shows that many investors are upbeat
about Kenya's economic growth prospects. A referendum is the last
thing that will guarantee such positive growth prospects.

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