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Why Cord should cooperate, rather than oppose the government.

Throughout the world, missteps by a government are a fodder for
opposition politics. Put simply, an opposition party would be happy to
see the government fail. However, for Cord, it would be advisable,
even wise, to cooperate with the government in its development agenda
to Kenyans, rather than oppose it. First, Kenya cannot withstand the
endless politics in the country. One might think that elections are
being held tomorrow. Secondly, if Cord collaborates with the
government, it will share in its success stories, and claim this to
the electorate come the next elections. While unsitting an incumbent
government is hard, Cord may give Jubilee a run for its money by
collaborating, rather than opposing the government. Finally, by
collaborating with the government, and engaging in constructive
criticism, Cord's leaders, Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka, and Moses
Wetangula, will elevate their status from mere politicians to
statesmen, and who knows what this might do for their legacy.

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