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Why Germany deserve to win the World Cup.

Finally, the zero hour of the World Cup is upon us. Germany and
Argentina it is, and for me, Germany deserves the title. The German
team has been to four semi finals before, and it is time they upgraded
this to a World Cup trophy. I support Germany because they play as a
team, and no wonder they are known as the 'German machine' team. The
youth support structures, and the efficiency of their soccer
administration is world class. Even more important, Germany plays as a
team, and the coach, Joachim Loew, manages the team in a very
technical. While flair is important, in today's game, flow and
technical brilliance are just as important. Sure, Argentina has Lionel
Messi who incidentally has to win the World Cup to be considered in
the same league as Pele or Maradona. However today's football is
different, and I doubt Messi has the same support structure that he
has at Barcelona. It is for this reason that I don't expect his
performance to peak. It is why I expect the clinical German team to
emerge victorious.

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