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Why western kenya leaders must wake up.

While the reasons for Northern Kenya underdevelopment are understood
and well documented, for Western Kenya it is not so. While Western
Kenya leaders claim that they have been marginalised in the present
Kenyatta regime, consider that even under the Kibaki administration,
the area had over seven cabinet ministers, and still, they had nothing
to show for such large number of cabinet ministers. So, the problem
then is Western Kenya leaders, than it is with the inclusion in the
government. So, as things stand, Western Kenya would still be
underdeveloped even if there were ten Judy Wakhungu's in the Kenyatta
administration. There are a few areas the leaders must address in
order to realise the potential of Western Kenya. First, the
agriculture sector is failing. Sugar, dairy, and maize farmers are not
paid on time, and most importantly, they do not have access to key
markets that will ensure that farmers have access to an assured
income. After fixing the agricultural sector, the other things will be
catered for.

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