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Women getting paid less than men-report.

A new report by charity organisation Oxfam shows that it will take
about 70 years for women to earn the same as men. Currently, even in
countries such as the US, women earn about 75 percent of what men get.
This report follows a report by the World Economic forum last year
which showed that the gender pairity in the workplace was yet to be
achieved. In the report, women in scandinavian countries like Norway
and Sweden had the most benefits, while women in Saudi Arabia, where
women are still not allowed to drive, had the least benefits. Kenya
was in the middle of the charts in the report. However, even then,
there are less than five women chairpersons of public companies'
boards, and even fewer CEOs of NSE listed companies. In Kenyan
politics as well, female representation only increased as a result of
affirmative action.

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