Ghana's manufacturing stars- and what Africa could learn.

Image Courtesy: Aljazeera
It is not every day that you find an average African dreaming of producing a car. Yet, this is what two entrepreneurs from Ghana are attempting to do. Ghanaians Apostle Safo, 66, and his 28-year-old pilot son Kwadwo Safo Jnr are the founders of The Kantanka Group of Companies' , which wants to make cars. And yet, there are many challenges ahead. For one, finding a market for the cars will be hard, as currently almost all the cars in Africa are imported. In addition, many Africans view products produced in their own
countries as substandard, and it would take quite a long time to convince many Africans that products
made in their own countries are actually much better than previously thought.

A joke goes that, “A badly tailored suit from London, is still better than a nicely tailored suit from Nairobi.”

Yet Africa's hope for a bright prospect ahead depends on projects such as these. The manufacturing industry, if at all promoted, can create the technical knowhow, and create thousands of jobs. One hopes that Ghana’s and African policy makers will not abandon such projects mid-way. 

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