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Tips for Adult Students Returning to College or University.

Returning to college as an adult can be both exciting and daunting. You may find that you need to adapt to significant changes on campus, plan a schedule for learning online, or juggle school and life responsibilities for the first time. Whether your decision to return to college is for personal growth or career development, here are five strategies to ensure you continue your journey successfully.

1. Identify opportunities for nontraditional students.

If you have not yet selected a school, incorporate “programs for nontraditional students” as a search term while you browse. If you have selected a school, explore its website or contact the Student Life office to inquire about such opportunities. The ratio of adult learners to standard undergraduates, as well as other environmental factors, may be important to your experience. Programs provided especially for nontraditional students can have a positive impact on your time at the institution. For example, specific social events to assist you in acclimating or scholarship options tailored to your situation may be available to ease your transition.

2. Explore the school’s online database and your student account.

Colleges use online resources now more than ever, which may represent a big change for you. It’s critical that you devote a period of time to examining the online databases for your school. These typically include platforms to log in to your student account, submit assignments, participate in class discussions via forums, and search for credible sources to perform research. You’ll save yourself a great deal of stress later on if you explore these platforms now to ensure that you will not be scrambling to determine how to submit a paper on time. It will also make you aware of virtual opportunities to interact with classmates about assignments or study groups. Plus, understanding how to navigate your student account is integral to many tasks you will need to complete throughout your time at the school.
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