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Why human trafficking is still rampant in South Africa.

“Very often a person will accompany the trafficker willingly as they are being deceived into believing that there is a job waiting for them at the other end, at the destination. Exploitation, 99 per cent of the time, is for money but sometimes it is for getting the services of a person: using the person as a domestic help, farming, forced labour.”

Alek Kuhudzai, who is responsible for refugee rights at the Agency for Refugee Education, explains that
where South Africa is concerned, human trafficking has been found to be significantly easy to do in the country.

“In the case of refugees or asylum seekers, people that are willing to lodge applications for asylum, it’s very easy for them to be tricked or lured because South Africa has a liberal system that allows them to mingle in society, integrate in the community and work and study.”

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