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Moi University booking of hostels- You can now book online.

Welcome to Moi University Online Hostel Booking       
Courtesy of the ICT Department and Hostels Department you can now book your next semesters room online and with complete ease. All you need to do is be a bonafide student of Moi University Main Campus then you will be good to go. 


  1. Only bonafide Moi University Main Campus Students are allowed to book rooms using this system.
  2. To use the system all you need is your registration number,ID number and email address.
  3. To use the system for the first time Go to Book room Then the new link or simply Click here to activate your account
  4. To book room Go to Book Room,Enter your username and password and click login.Follow the steps outlined after logging in
  5. After booking a room wait for approaval by relevant authorities while you keep on checking for the defined procedure of getting your official booking form
  6. Remember to visit always the site for any latest communication made


  1. All payments must be made to the Moi University Accomodation Deposit Account : National Bank - 01021027999600. Kindly be sure to provide in your NAME and REG NO in your receipt when depositing the cash on the counter.
  2. N/B:The payments must correspond to the rates of the Hostel the student is booking for.
  3. The student will then be required to scan the reciept and upload it as evidence of the payments.
  4. Any false information will be charged as a displinary case as stated in the Terms and Conditions

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