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Strathmore University: Annual ICT conference.

View The 15th Annual ICT Conference Poster. You are allowed to share it.
Prizes to be won on the raffle during the conference include:
[State of the art Lenovo Tablets]
[Samsung Galaxy Lite 3]
[At least 5 Modems]

Please get your ticket now. (Students - KShs 500, Professionals - KShs 2000).

The 2014 keynote speakers include:
1. Dr. Fred Matiangi, cabinet secretary, Ministry of Information and Communications Technology
2. Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi, Cabinet secretary, Ministry of Education, Kenya
3. Prof. Timothy Mwololo Waema, Professor in the School of Computing and Informatics in the University of Nairobi
4. Prof. Olayele Adelakun, Professor of Information Systems, CDM, DePaul University, Chicago, USA.
5. Dr. Bruce H. Krogh (PhD) - Director, Carnegie Mellon University in Rwanda, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
6. Dr. Michael Adeyeye (PhD) - Senior lecturer, Cape Peninsular University of Technology in South
Africa, Mozilla (Firefox) Regional Representative and Developer.

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