Strathmore University: New student council 5 million campaign call for fundraising for scholarships..

The Late Nelson Mandela once said " Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"
Two years ago, the Student council led by Duncan Mochama and Jamal 'Malo' Mohamed started an amazing initiative to raise money and assist bright and needy Strathmore students who would face the threat of dropping out of school or graduating later than everyone else for lack of school fees. They started Elimisha Stratizen an initiative that began with students pledging to give 50 shillings at the beginning of every month to help their fellow students realize their dreams.
Since its inception we have raised 554,000 shillings and assisted 24 students. The number keeps growing

with the wake of everyday, a number of students with a hunger and thirst to achieve their dreams of attaining their education.
The most painful moments the student council faces are the moments we have to turn back needy students for lack of money in our account.
It is for this reason that the 6th Student Council in an effort to make life better at Strathmore and ensure equal access to education decided to launch ELIMISHA STRATIZEN 5 MILLION CAMPAIGN. This campaign aims at raising 5 Million shillings in 3 years and this will be done through annual fundraising dinners and money raising activities.The campaign was kick started by the Vice Chancellor Prof. John Odhiambo ( here in pictures) who bought 5 Tshirts!
The main purpose of this campaign is to transform the initiative into a students endowment fund and hence assist more students through offsetting tuition fees and launch lunch programs for very needy bright students at the University.
This year's innagural dinner is set for 31ST OCTOBER 2014 at Strathmore Uuniversity Auditorium.
The dinner tickets are priced as follows:
- Undergraduate students - 2,000 shillings
-Alumni, staff members, lecturers and Graduate students- 5,000 shillings
-Friends of Strathmore- 8,000 shillings
- Corporate tables- 80,000 shillings
The campaign was launched on Friday with the sale of Elimisha Stratizen branded Tshirts for 1,000 shillings and we are happy to report that in less than 2 days we have sold over 50 Tshirts and the orders keep going up!
Join the campaign and educate generations! To make reservations for the dinner or grab a Tshirt call or email
Festus Ogindo (0701206941/
Nyambura (0724049118/
Ken Munene (0722484297)

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