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Dear Beloved , Please, pardon my means of contacting you. I am Mrs.Benice Mathews now undergoing medical treatment in Cecilia Makiwane Hos...


Kisii University- Important Notice.

FOR ALL those who don't have
exam cards, ensure u go for them
on Wednesday 26th Nov. It is the
only other
day you can get them. The
deadline was extended by one day
to cater for the system failure that
had been there on 14th Nov. Tell ur
colleagues. Notice of the same was
put up by the Finance Office.

Meet Mr& Mrs MKU

Meet Mr & Miss MKU 2014/15
Kindly give us your name and tell us a little about yourself.
Mr : I am Morris Ndonye, a simple guy who doesn’t do simple things. I do not give excuses for failure.
Ms : I am Neila Ngina Khalid, a principled young lady who is humble to all.
For more of the interview kindly visit our website under latest news.

Invitation to the Wangari Maathai Institute Seminar

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Wangari Maathai Institute for Peace and Environmental Studies wishes to invite you to a public lecture by Dr. Mary Njenga on Wednesday, November 26, 2014.
Veterinary Medicine, in the Small Pathology Lecture Theater starting at
2:00pm - 4.00pm.

Technical University of Kenya- Hostel Accomodation.

Hostel Accommodation Applications
Students who wish to be considered for hostel accommodation are requested to submit their written requests to the office of the assistant director accessed at the senior staff common room through the n block short bridge.
Applications will be received from noon Friday 21st November to noon 28th November. Late applications will not be acknowledged
In order to maintain clear tracking records, you are adviced to deliver your application in person and have it received in the prescribed file

Note. There are very few bed spaces available and you are encouraged to consider alternative accommodation

UON invitation to Journalism forum.

Invitation toThe School of Journalism wishes to invite all staff and students to a Public Forum on Media Law and Ethics.  The Chief Guest will be the Hon. Chief Justice and President of the Supreme Court of Kenya, Dr. Willy Mutunga who will be talking on “The Role of the Media in the New Constitution.
The forum will be held on Thursday, November 27, 2014 at 9.30 a.m. at the Education Building, ED Lecture II.
All are welcome!
School of Journalism forum.

Kabarak University launches online Learning.

"This morning, I had the honour of launching the Kabarak University Online Education.
This is a great technological milestone for Kabarak University, and an additional contribution to our country’s innovative approach to education, and ICT. I Trust that this online platform will revolutionize our education system in Kenya and beyond. It is my expectation that Kabarak University will set high standards and enable Kenya consolidate its position as a continental hub for ICT and education, among other fields. My Government will continue to support institutions of higher education to ensure that technology is integrated with learning in order to increase access throughout the country." - PRESIDENT UHURU