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Fees structure for Universities

The fees structure for universities vary depending on the course you are doing. However, generally, they are as follows:

Regular Students- Kshs.40,000- Kshs.60,000 per academic year. However, if recommendations by parliament are to be adopted, then the fees for regular studnets will be charged as per the unit cost of the course, which means that medical, science, and engineering students will have to pay more.

Parallel Students' fees depends on the course:

Arts and Science students pay on average Kshs. 80,000 to Kshs.120,000 per academic year. The fees for IT and engineering courses could be as high as Kshs250,000 per academic year. The fees for
medical courses varies anywhere between Kshs.450,000 and Kshs.650,000 per academic year.

The fee for private universities varies hugely between the different private universities, but could be between Kshs.120,000 to Kshs400,000 per academic year.

Please note that these fee structures are only for advisory purposes. A prospective college studnet should contact the individual university for the fee structure.

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