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This is Why Nasa represents Canaan, the promised land.

The path for Kenya to be liberated is a long and a difficult one. This is why we must all persevere as Nasa takes us to the promised land of Canaan. In that land, tribalism will be a thing of the past. Corruption will have been buried. The unity of all Kenyans, regardless of tribe, shall have been assured. In that land, men and women that wear the Kenyan badge shall be able to dream new dreams. They shall dream of a Kenya that is receptive to their dreams and talents. This is why all must turn out and vote for Nasa in huge numbers.

Uhuru has become a divider in chief- This is Why Kenyans want him out

President Uhuru Kenyatta promised to unite all Kenyans regardless of their tribe, gender or religion. Instead, he has become a divider in chief, balkanising the country even more. His mantra that 'sis tutakula nyama wengine wakimeza mate' is a recipe for chaos, and should not be uttered by a man that was supposed to be a symbol of unity for Kenyans.

This is why all right thinking Kenyans must vote Jubilee out and usher in an an era of inclusivity represented by none other than Raila Amolo Odinga and the Nasa coalition. That is the only way to develop Kenya. This two tribe affair that is set to rule Kenya up to 2032 should remain just that- a dream.


why raila is the glue that holds kenya together

kenya is at crossroads. We could choose uhuruto to spur their second
term. this route will take us nowhere. Uhuruto have balkanised this
country. They have made a complete mockery of the kenyan nation state.
Uhuruto want this country to be ruled only by two tribes. excluding 40
plus tribes in the aspect of the presidency will not bode well for
kenyas stability.when the cheque of the this two tribe affair expires,
kenya could plunge itself into anarchy. Perhaps, kenya could never
recover from this. it is why raila odinga is the best hope for kenya.
his agenda must spread to all and sundry


here is raila's secret to win elections

raila odinga is leaving nothing to chance. This is his final chance at
the presidency. Raila's game plan is simple. convert as many of his
supporters to the polling booths as possible. Turn out and voter
enthusiasm will thus be the secret card of raila. The second
ammunition in raila's stable is safeguarding the votes. Raila plans to
copy what ghanas opposition did. Raila aims to launch the 'adopt a
polling station' strategy. in this arrangement, raila aims to use
thousands of volunteers to collat and tally the votes of nasa.


I'm torn between choosing a career for money or for passion. What advice can you give me?

There is a lot that gos into selecting the right career for you. As a first step, you need to check on whether you have the right abilities for the career. In retrospect, ensure that you have the the abilities needed for the job. For instance, if you have a passion for math and physics, then you could make a great engineer. If love biochemistry, then you could make a good doctor.