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I'm torn between choosing a career for money or for passion. What advice can you give me?

There is a lot that gos into selecting the right career for you. As a first step, you need to check on whether you have the right abilities for the career. In retrospect, ensure that you have the the abilities needed for the job. For instance, if you have a passion for math and physics, then you could make a great engineer. If love biochemistry, then you could make a good doctor.

Secondly, you must ensure that you look for a career that pays well in the job market. In essence, choose a career that will help you pay the bills. In true fashion, nowadays, most people select a career based on how well it pays. For instance, being a poet could be your passion. However, how much does it pay? Can it sustain a comfortable living?

In essence then, a great career choice is one that is right at the intersection of your passion and abilities, and one that is market driven. Most people's career choice oscillates between these two extreme career choices.

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