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Uhuruto have become perfect Moi Students

Former president moi said that kanu would rule for 100 years. what he
meant is that even if not in name, kanu would rule by ideology.

As jubilee is shutting down revered NGOs like AfriCOG and KHRC, you
wonder whether we are slowly descending into the kanu era of

The gallant men and women of this country must stand up and be
counted.If Moi was finally dethroned from power, then this jubilee
state tyranny will some day come to an end, no matter how bleak the
situation seems right now.


Why are we profiling the Luo Community?

The proverbial phrase that nasa supporters have been told is to
'accept and move on'. This was the same phrase that cord supporters
were asked to adopt in 2013.

'Accept and move on' implies that the underlying issues that encumber
Kenya have been solved.

Lets start with tribalism. It is absurd that we are profiling ethnic
communities, especially the Luo community, which has contributed
immensely to the progress and development of this country. In short,
the story of kenya would not be complete without a chapter on the
contributions of the Luo community.


The Real Suspense In Kenya

The New York Times has a startling editorial on the real suspense in
Kenya. The editorial has a disparaging editorial on nasa leader Raila
Odinga, whom it calls a 'perennial loser'.

However, the real suspense is on who will take over the mantle of
opposition leadership from Raila Odinga. It is unlikely that Kalonzo
Musyoka, Musalia Mudavadi or Moses Wetangula will have even a tenth of
the gravitas that Raila had in tackling the government.

Jubilee won, yes. But that does not mean that its rule should not be
checked. Thus, the real predicament for Kenya at present is who will
combat Jubilee. For democracy demands a vibrant opposition no matter
how popular a regime is.