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Has William Ruto gone out too early?

If there is one person that wants us to be done with the 2017
election, it is William Ruto.

He is intent on climbing to power in 2022.However, I would urge Ruto
to be more cautious. First, no one knows whether central Kenya will
reciprocate the support Uhuru Kenyatta got from Rift Valley.

The journey to state house is a path ridden with sharks. Only those
who lay low and strike at the enemy unnoticed make the journey.

Take former President Moi.He was termed as a passing cloud by the
kiambu mafia.Yet he was a calculating figure.He went on to rule Kenya
for 24 years.

Take Mwai Kibaki.He was averse to change. He described defeating KANU
was akin to cutting the mugumo tree with a razor blade.In 2002, thats
what he just did.

Further home, take Salva Kiir.He was the obedient servant of John
Garang. When Garang died in a plane crush, Salva Kiir took over the
reigns of power.

Ruto has laid it bare in succeeding Kenyatta in 2022. But he should
not shove it on everyone's face.

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