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Is Jubilee the old KANU?

Former President Moi said that KANU would rule for 100 years, if not
in name, then in ideology. The carrier of that ideology is Jubilee.

Jubilee is intent on transforming itself into the communist party of
africa. In fact, in the run up to the nomination exercise, Jubilee
sent a delegation to China's communist party to learn about its

In the communist party of china, ideas are debated.Opposing views are
ironed out. Disagreements are sorted out. When the leaders emerge to
speak to the public, they speak with one voice.It is all about
discipline, not dictatorship.

These are the lessons Jubilee should take to heart. However, what we
see is a party built on ethnicity.Two tribes, kikuyus and kalenjins,
want to load it to other communities. The so called tyranny of numbers
was disabused as a flawed indicator during the repeat poll.

In other words, unless Jubilee transforms itself into a party of
tribes rather than a party of tribes, it will never match KANU, let
alone China's communist party.

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