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Is Raila destined to be a perennial opposition leader?

History has not been kind to Raila Odinga.No one has sacrificed so
much for Kenya as Raila.No one has stood up for Kenya as Raila has
done.And yet, the Presidency is still elusive to Raila.

In a nutshell then, those who have laid low have managed to rise to
the presidency. Look at Moi, whom the kiambu mafia described as a
'passing cloud'.Look at Kibaki, who once said that defeating kanu was
like cutting the mugumo tree with a razor blade.

Those opposed to Raila claim that he is anti kikuyu to the core.They
claim he coined the so called 41 against 1 in the lead up to the 2007
election.In fact, all a central kenya politician needs to do to win is
to spew an anti Raila venom.

No one knows Raila's next step in the treacherous political scene that
is Kenya.Whatever steps he takes, his contribution to the modern Kenya
political dispensation must not go unnoticed.

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