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Is Secession the way out for Kenya?

Kenya's dream of forming a uniform but diverse nation failed
spectacularly.At no time in our history has the call for secession
grew even stronger.

The coastal people have never had a strong belief in secession as at
present. They are disenfranchised from their ancestral land, even as
the Kenyatta family owns thousands of acres of land.They do not
benefit from tourism nor from KPA.

Across in luo nyanza, their brightest sons like Jaramogi Oginga Odinga
and Robert Ouko have borne the brunt of state oppression.

In nearby Western, poverty has endeared like never before, as the
region's industries die one after another.

Numerous other communities have grievances that have never been resolved.

This is why secession appears a tantalizing idea by the second. Its an
issue that needs to be heeded by the powers that be.

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