Minus Raila, Will Jubilee be a dictatorship?

Once again,  supremo Raila Odinga, has missed the Presidency. Uhuru is set to be sworn in next Tuesday, and with that, Raila Odinga will be locked out of the Presidency for five more years. Does Raila have the energy and strength to wait till 2022 to institute important reform changes? I highly doubt. Jubilee will use the carrot and stick to try and isolate him.

Kalonzo Musyoka is already quiet, and I doubt that Musalia Mudavadi will continue being on Raila's side for the long haul. Jubilee wants to morph into the older KANU, and convert Kenya to a one party state, more along the lines of the communist party of China. Raila Odinga is the only one that can hold a candle to uhuru Kenyatta. If he is cornered, what will be the future of our opposition? Will another leader emerge to take over from Odinga?

If Jubilee turns into a communist party of China, then our freedoms will be curtailed. We will move to a near dictatorship. We will live in fear of the state. There will be no one to challenge authority. The state will act with force to anyone that opposes its excesses. That is why a successor to Raila Odinga must emerge fast, or better still, Raila must renew himself and face Jubilee anew till 2022- even if he is the lone foot soldier. Kenyans still need him.

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