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Nasa has to be a movement and not a revolutionary outfit

There is a unique difference between a movement and a revolutionary
outfit. In a revolution, all you need is to chop off the head of a
revolutionary and you will have brought a halt to the revolution.

A movement is different.It mutates. It adapts.It spreads like
wildfire. In other words, it is fed by the rank and file, not just the
leader alone.

Raila Odinga, Nasa's supremo, has been a target for successive
regimes.All that the ruling elite need to do is to put roadblocks in
Raila's path and voila!!, they would have killed the revolution.

This is why the opposition must develop as many Raila Odingas as
possible.People like James Orengo and Peter Anyang Nyong'o must step
up to the plate.

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