Nasa is right: Boycotting products works

Nasa is right in one thing.A majority of kenyans become rich not by
hardwork and sweat, but by their closeness to power.

Its the fallacy of our times.People like Bill Gates became rich by
inventing things, not by their closeness to power.

The opposite is true for kenya.Instead of politicians being called to
serve, they steal and plunder our resources at will.

As per the 2013 Forbes wealth report, Uhuru Kenyatta was worth 400
million dollars.By the same estimate, former US President, Barrack
Obama was worth only 7 million dollars.And yet, Obama ran an economy
that was 170 times larger than Kenya.

In coming up with the economic boycott, Nasa aims to stop a culture
where the path to getting rich is by ceaseless accumulation of power
uhuruto style.Such crude means to wealth has no place in our
country.Its why we should all pay heed to Nasa's economic boycott.Its
the only way to prevent Kenya from becoming a country of 40
billionaires and 40 million beggars.

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