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Only a rotating presidency will end domination by the bigger tribes

There is a startling statistic in Kenya.That out of the 42 tribes,
only two tribes have ascended to the presidency in post colonial

Jubilee, under Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto, appears to even
entrench this rule further.If William Ruto has his way, this
domination will extend to 2032.

What if we are at best incovenient roommates housed together by fate?
Should we then set some ground rules in which we are going to live as
housemates? Should we go the Belgian route and adopt a rotating
Presidency system? When the various tribes that make up Belgium could
not stand one another, they adopted a collegiate rotating presidency
UN style.

In such an arrangement, every region would get its turn to rule.

Should Kenya go this route? I think it should.In such an arrangement,
every region would know that its time to eat would come.

For a start, we could rotate the Presidency among the eight former
provinces. In one swoop, we would have calmed the political
temperatures that get so hot sometimes.

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