Ouster of Mugabe is a wake up call to African dictators

For 37 years, Zimbabwe has known no other leader than Robert Mugabe. The 93 year old has ruled Zimbabwe with an iron fist. He took the bread basket of Africa from prosperity to a desolate place, where finding a job is a miracle. Where putting a meal on the table is a far away goal for many families. The holder of seven degrees did not at any time believe that there could be anyone bettter to lead Zimbabwe.

That Mugabe has resigned with no bloodshed, no shots fired, shows just how well the military takeover was executed. And as Mugabe exits the stage, other long serving African dictators must take heed. The days of such dictators as Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, Paul Biya of Cameroon among others, are surely numbered.

Mugabe's trajectory is all too common for African leaders. They start out as liberators of their countries, only to end up as oppressors, practicing the very ills that they sought to end.  Its time that change of guard routinely takes place, as no one individual has the capacity nor the talent to lead forever. That is our ultimate lesson as Africans.

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