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Uhuru benefits from tribalism.How can he eliminate it?

Uhuru Kenyatta never misses a moment to urge us 'tuache ukabila'. But
how can he say that when he has run the most exclusionary government
in Kenya's history ? His government is at the core a two tribe affair
between the kikuyus and the kalenjins.

In this sacred presidential line up, William Ruto is supposed to take
the Presidency in 2022, of course deputised by a kikuyu.

When Uhuru says 'tuache ukabila', what does he exactly mean?Can he
entertain competition from Central? Of course not.Any kikuyu that
attempts that will be eliminated as fast as they appear.

When we shift the gears and analyse Uhuru based on ideology, Uhuru
will be a right wing conservative, but a poor one at that.

One the climate for business is non existent.Two, the social fabric of
the country is poor.

In essence then, Uhuru Kenyatta is a divider in chief rather than a
uniter in chief.He has succeeded in entrenching tribalism by word and
deed, after all, he must repay his supporters first.

The rest of us could do with food crumbs.

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