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Uhuru's legacy is tainted by tribalism.

When historians will be sitting down to document uhuru's legacy, what
will it be?I surmise that it will be tribalism.

At no time in our history has the country been more divided.Uhuru
preaches unity, but his ascendacy to power was built on tribalism.

If our politics was purely based on ideology, Uhuru would not have
come this far.If we were to assess Uhuru by the lens of ideology, he
would be a right wing conservative- but a poor one at that. If he was
campaigning on a platform of ideology, his support will have cut
across tribal lines as would have his opposition.

Can Uhuru tolerate competition from a Central Kenya
politician?Obviously not. Why then say 'tuache ukabila' after
consolidating your base?

If Uhuru was a truly unifying leader, he would have gained support
across the country and not just Central and Rift Valley alone.But he

That is why Kenya's dream of a uniform but diverse nation shall remain a mirage.

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