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What next for Luo Nyanza?

No community has borne the brunt of state oppression as Luo
Nyanza.Jaramogi Oginga Odinga was hounded out of KANU in 1966, and
consequently became the doyen of opposition politics.

Robert Ouko was killed by the Moi regime for being too clever by half.
Raila Odinga took over from where Ouko left and he has been blocked
from the highest office in the land four times.

What then should Luo Nyanza do? Should the region secede as the coast
region wants to? Should it prepare for a post Odinga era?

One must not forget that prior to independence, luos and kikuyus were
warm buddies in KANU.Their hegemony was so strong that smaller tribes
rushed to form KADU.

In retrospect then, these are hard times for the Luo Nyanza
region.However the present situation plays out, the contribution of
luos to the Kenyan nation state must not be downplayed.

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