Why does Tanzania hate Kenya?

Tanzania is ever more cold towards Kenya. This is the sole reason why
the East African Community-EAC, remains mere rhetoric than tangible
action on the ground. Tanzania is more receptive towards the South
African led SADC.

But why exacty does Tanzania have cold relations with Kenya? There are
many reasons for this.

First Tanzania views Kenya as a man eat man society.Tanzania claims
that if it opens its doors to Kenyans, Kenyans will flood their
country and take their jobs and land.

Secondly, Tanzania fears that Kenya will export its naked tribalism,
and render useless all that Nyerere sought to build.

Nyerere built a cohesive society in which the spirit of 'undugu' would
thrive. While Tanzania's Nyerere was entrenching inclusion through
ujamaa, Jomo Kenyatta was entrenching exclusion and naked tribalism in

Infact, Tanzania is one of the few African countries that have been
stable since independence. Kenya, paradoxingly, had the post election
violence of 2007 taint its image of peace forever.

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