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Will Uhuru repay the Moi debt?

No one remembers that in 1997,Uhuru Kenyatta ran for the Gatundu South
parliamentary seat and lost.It is then that President Moi nominated
him to parliament and made him a minister.A few years later, Moi named
Uhuru as his preferred successor. True, Uhuru lost the 2002 election,
but his journey to political ascendacy had began. It would culminate
in 2013 when Uhuru was elected President.

The only way that Uhuru can repay Moi is by making Gideon Moi
President.But there is a big obstacle: William Ruto.

Will Uhuru force Gideon Moi upon Kenyans? How will he circumvent William Ruto?

How can Gideon capture state house yet he has not even captured the
kalenjin nation? More poignantly, can Ruto accept to be used and
discarded just like that?

Will Uhuru sacrifice friendship with Ruto and raise up Gideon Moi? Its
a dilemma that will forever plague the 2022 succession politics.

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