Postponed Raila swearing in will not derail reforms.

Raila Odinga was to be sworn in tomorrow as the People's President of
Kenya. To his supporters, Raila is the center of gravity of kenyan
politics. He is the fulcrum upon which Kenyan politics revolves.

There is no doubt that Raila is the head of the Kenyan
revolution.However, what Kenya needs at present is a movement and not
a revolution.There is a distinct difference between the two.While you
can sabotage a revolution by chopping off the head of a revolutionary,
you can't sabotage a movement. A movement is fed by the rank and file.
Even if you remove the head of a movement, it will still go on
precisely because every member feeds it. In so doing, a movement
mutates. It adapts.It spreads like wildfire. True.A movement needs a
leader. However, if the leader is removed or blocked, the movement
still lingers on.

What Raila has ably done is to transform Nasa into a movement.It is
why Nasa will be immortal, no matter the pressures from the powers
that be.

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