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Raila has not gotten what he deserves

It is said that a country gets the leaders it deserves. How then can
we explain the fact that Raila has come so close to the Presidency,
yet so far away?

In 2007, Raila was as close to the presidency as one could get, but
fate was not kind to him.He ended up being a Prime Minister in a nusu
mkate government.

Raila is a pan africanist per excellence. He would have crafted a
great pan africanist agenda for kenya. In his agenda, a United States
of Africa would be a tenable agenda.

Again, Raila is a great social democrat.In his mind, you can never put
a worth on a teacher or a doctor.In his government, public servants
would have great working conditions and a high pay.

In hindsight also, the gap between the rich and the poor would greatly
reduce. It must be noted that currently, Kenya is one of the most
unequal societies in the world.

Finally, a Raila presidency would usher in an era of great stability.
Kenyans are living in a precarious edge, and any small seismic
activity will have untold ripple effect.

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