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What next for Raila?

In unexpected move, Nasa has postponed the swearing in of its supremo,
Raila Amolo Odinga as President.

The possibility of a Raila presidency appears more remote by the day.
So then, what is the next step for Raila?

One, he could postpone his ambitions to 2022. This will mean that he
will spoil for a fight with then Jubilee candidate William Ruto. But
by then, the political spectrum will have changed significantly. His
allies like kalonzo musyoka will too be convinced that its their time
to fight for the presidency.

Secondly, Raila could opt to be a respected African statesman. In
this, he could play the role of mediator in the various conflicts
afflicting Africa. In this role, he could join the likes of Thabo
Mbeki in resolving the myriad of conflicts across Africa.

It is not that fate has been unkind to Raila. It is more that
sometimes, a prophet is not honoured at home.

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