Why should we worship our tribal lords?

One fact holds true for Kenyan politics. It is that our politics is
based on tribal affiliation, and not on real issues or ideology.

That is why the views of a high flying professor and his tribesmate in
the village match word for word.

Is it any wonder that at our helm, we have tribal elites that dictate
the pace of our politics? Why can't a luo vie in kiambu, and a kikuyu
in kisumu?

If our politics was based on issues and issues alone, we would be
miles ahead in our country.

We waste untold amounts of energy fighting each other and defending
our tribal lords. Our tribal lords are not held to account simply
because the only qualification they have is sharing our last name.

It is said that at independence, we were at the same level of
development as the East Asian Tigers.But 50 years later, the economies
of East Asian tigers are developed while we continue to wallow in

The difference is in leadership. We elect thugs to office in the name
of defending our tribe,only for them to turn and eat us

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